Sliding Replacement Windows
A sliding replacement window is a window that contains sashes that move (slide or glide) horizontally within the frame. The sliding window is the most affordable type of operational windows and it can be manufactured in much larger sizes than most every double hung window or casement window. There are three basic types of sliding windows: single, double and triple. Only one sash operates in a single slding window, while both sashed slide in a double sliding window. The triple slider usually has a fixed window sash in between flanking sliding sashes. Sliding windows are great for rectangular openings and they match the architectural style of a casement window because they do not contain the horizontal meeting rails of a double hung window.

Standard features of a sliding replacement window:
  • sashes move (slide) left and right horizontally
  • operational sashes are removable from the frame
  • locking mechanism at sash meeting rails
  • no balancer system needed; nylon or metal rollers are embedded in the sashes
  • single and double weatherstripping
  • full screens

Optional features of a sliding replacement window:
  • insulated frames
  • triple and quad weatherstripping
  • upgraded frame & sash profiles
  • warm edge glass spacer systems
  • exterior color options
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