Window Grid (Grill) Types
There are many styles and configurations of window grids (commonly referred to as Window Grills). Window grids are available in several standardized  patterns (photos - right). In addition to the standard grid patterns, most manufacturers can assemble window grids in custom patterns to match personal tastes or compliment a particular architectural style. The size and types of the grid (grills) can vary as well. The most commonly used grids are a flat grid or contoured grid (photos - below). The grid configuration is another choice that homeowners have today. Grids can be placed inside the panes of glass (internal grids), outside (external grids) or both (simulated divided lite - SDL). Lastly, the grids are available in several colors to match the window.

The types of grid (grill) patterns:
  • standard Cross
  • multiple lite Colonial
  • perimeter Old English
  • Prairie
  • upper grid Valance
  • crisscross Victorian (diamond)
flat grids
The size and types of grids:
  • Flat (5/8", 7/8", 11/16", 1-1/16")
  • Contoured (7/8", 1-1/16")
  • internal grids
  • external grids
  • simulated divided light (SDL) grids
countered grids
Criss-cross Victorian Window Grids
Standard Cross Window Grids
Colonial Window Grids
Old English Perimeter Window Grids
Valance Window Grids
Prairie Window Grids
Flat Window Grid
Countoured Window Grid
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