Double Hung Replacement Window
A double hung replacement window is a window with two vertically moving sashes. The upper window sash can be moved down within the frame and the lower sash can be moved up within the frame. Conversely, a single hung window is a window in which only the lower sash operates and the upper sash is fixed in place. Most replacement windows also allow for operational sashes to tilt inward on a pivot point. This tilting allows for the easy cleaning and repairing of the insulated glass unit (IGL) within the frame.

Standard features of a double hung replacement window:
  • both sashes move up and down
  • sashes tilt in with separate tilt mechanism
  • locking mechanism at sash meeting rails
  • balancer system to assist sash movement
  • single and double weatherstripping
  • ventilation stops

Optional features of a double hung replacement window:
  • combined tilting & locking mechanism
  • insulated frames
  • triple and quad weatherstripping
  • upgraded balancing systems
  • upgraded frame & sash profiles
  • warm edge glass spacer systems
  • exterior color options
  • full height screens and screen types
Double Hung Window
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