Casement Replacement Window
A casement replacement window is a window that pivots on either the right side or the left side of the window frame. This type of window pivots like a door and swings out towards the outside of the home.  The typical designation is a left-hand or right-hand swing as the window is viewed from the exterior. A casement window includes one single sash that allows for more visibility. It also tends to be a more contemporary window design as compared to a double hung window. A casement window typically includes compression weather stripping and a multi-point locking system for a superior seal.

The features and benefits of a casement window include:
  • most thermally efficient type of operable (openable) window
  • single sash for unobstructed views
  • multi-point locking
  • compression weather stripping
  • weather-resistant hardware
  • crank-type opener

Optional features include:
  • nesting crank handle
  • internal grids
  • external grids
  • simulated divided light (SDL) grids
  • internal blinds (between the glass)
Casement Window
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Optional nesting handle for casement windows