Bow Windows and Bay Windows
A bow and bay window is a term that describes an overall boxed window assembly that protrudes towards the exterior from a wall of your home. A bow window extends outward in an arch and a bay window extends with 30 or 40 degree angles. This type of window allows larger amounts of natural light into a room, provides more room space and creates a natural sunspot for house plants (not to mention a comfortable perch for pets). The replacement bow and bay window is a preassembled unit custom sized for an existing or planned wall opening. It is installed under an existing roof overhang or with it's own gable or hip roof construction.

Bow and Bay Window Features:
  • cable support system (std. for most manufacturers)
  • unfinished birch plywood interior
  • picture windows
  • prefrabbed assembly

Bow and Bay Window Options:
  • laminated seats (countertop laminates)
  • insulated seatboards and headboards
  • oak interirors
  • prefinished interiors (painted and stained)
  • pre-manufactured roof structure
  • matching oversized interior trim
3-lite bow w/ casement flankers4-lite bow with picture windows
5-lite bow with casement flankers3-lite bay with casement flankers
3-lite bay with picture windows
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