Awning Replacement Windows
Awning Window
An awning replacement window is a type of window that includes a single sash that pivots from the top of the frame. This window sash operates outwards from the home in order to provide ventilation. The awning window, along with the casement window, is the most thermally efficient type of window, second only to a picture (fixed) window.  An awning window's sash operates with a cranking type hardware. This type of window is usually installed in rooms that require ventialtion without the need for egrees. The awning window provides the most rain protection of any window that is left open.

Standard features of a double hung replacement window:
  • sashes pivots at the top of the frame
  • sashes tilt in with separate tilt mechanism
  • cranking type hardware
  • weather resistant hardware for sash movement
  • compression weatherstripping
  • full interior mounted screen

Optional features of a double hung replacement window:
  • multi-point locking mechanism
  • insulated frames
  • nesting handle for cranking hardware
  • upgraded frame & sash profiles
  • warm edge glass spacer systems
  • exterior color options
  • screen colors & types
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